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NICK OF TIME PRODUCTIONS now accepts major credit cards and PayPal as payment for all purchases.

Terms of Service: 'Standard Mail Order' payment in advance of delivery.  **Please allow approximately 30 days for delivery of all orders from
DATE OF PERFORMANCE or 15 days from the date your order is received after the original orders have been shipped**.  All orders are delivered via USPS and/or email.  We guarantee all deliveries and will replace any undelivered orders given the address is correct and valid. Any defective video will be replaced for the cost of shipping alone.  If any video is purchased using a personal check, and the check is returned by the bank unpaid for any reason, a $20.00 service charge will be added to the 'amount due'.  The purchaser may, at his or her discretion, recharge the purchase to his or her credit card or PayPal account for the original cost plus the applicable 'returned check FEE' (and fill out the 'Pay Now' button on the Store Page).

Contact us at 914-522-5930 if you have any questions OR fill out the 'CONTACT US' form. 
Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your order without penalty or condition within 24 hours of having placed the order.  If you decide to cancel your order within 30 days of having placed it, and the video has NOT been shipped, then your credit card or PayPal account will be charged a $5.00 service and handling FEE, regardless of the reason for cancellation.  Once any video order has been filled and shipped, then it cannot be canceled for any reason.
Privacy Statement: NICK OF TIME PRODUCTIONS is committed to protecting your privacy.  We will NOT sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.  We may, from time to time, ask your permission to collect personal information in order to notify you about new services or special offers we think you'll find valuable.  That said,

Please take NOTE of the following....

IMPORTANT:  Inasmuch as the site does NOT solicit subscriptions or collect REGISTRATIONS from its customers (and there is NO LOGIN page), you are not (nor is the site) saving any personal information that may be compromised by us or any  third party person or entity.  You may ask for information, leaving your email address or phone number in order to obtain a response from Roger Nickelsen, Inc. or ORDER MERCHANDISE from Nick of Time Productions, and this information will be used for filling and completing your online, or in-person order ONLY.

And FINALLY...If anyone should, for any reason, repeatedly (and/or maliciously) send messages or place fictitious orders (or attempt to reverse engineer, surreptitiously redirect or hijack any personal or transaction information or content, for any reason, from the site or Web Store), then the above 'Privacy Policy' CANNOT be guaranteed, and Roger Nickelsen, Inc. shall not be held responsible, or liable, for any accidental (or intentional) disposition of any personal information, including, but not limited to, referring such an occurrence to law enforcement agencies.