Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
Q: How can I view the status of my order?
A: Your RECEIPT (if you purchased the video at the show venue) will show the DATE OF PURCHASE, then GO to the 'Store Policies' Page on the site and read the customer service 'Terms of Service' (All ORDERS are shipped via USPS in approximately 30 days from the 'show date' or 15 days from the date the order is received after all original orders have been shipped).  Of course, you can always call or write to get a 'status update' as well. If you ordered from the site's 'Store' or PayPal 'Here' card reader, then your PayPal Receipt is your proof-of-purchase.

Q: What are your 'Shipping Costs'?
A: Shipping is INCLUDED in the price of every video, as is New York State Sales Tax.  For all FOREIGN orders, shipping is an extra charge (ususally $10.00 over the price of the video, which includes U.S. Customs Declaration and air mail delivery).  **As for Sales Tax, NICK OF TIME PRODUCTIONS pays the NYS Sales Tax on every purchase made in New York State, so if you are located in another State and/or the performance is in another State (and N.O.T. Productions is not obligated to collect Sales Tax), then there is NO discount to the purchase price for State Sales Tax that is NOT being collected**.

Q: When will my video be delivered?
A: All videos are mailed directly to your home or office address in approximately four (4) weeks from the DATE OF PERFORMANCE or approximately two (2) weeks from the date the order is received after the original orders have been shipped.  All orders are shipped in padded mailers via United States Postal Service (USPS) Media Mail.  Foreign orders are handled differently and are shipped via USPS Int'l Mail.

Q: Can I order older shows, that your company has videotaped, that are NOT offered on the website?
A: YES.  Simply CLICK ON the 'PREVIOUS SHOW' Button on the Store Page and 'checkout' OR write a message in the 'Contact Us' page and include the following information: (1) the SCHOOL NAME; (2) SHOW DATE or year; (3) TIME OF PERFORMANCE.  You may send a personal check through the mail as in the past or, (if you are ordering multiple discs or a combo) you may fill out the 'Buy Now' button at the bottom of the 'Web Store' Page and pay with your credit card or PayPal account.

Q: Does NICK OF TIME PRODUCTIONS Re-edit or Extract clips (or sections) from completed program videos?
A: CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION.  This service is available for a 'Negotiated Fee'.  All shows since 2015 have been made available in Mpeg4 (file) format to facilitate DIY editing of 'clips' and 'stills'.

Q: Why can't I type in a FOREIGN SHIPPING ADDRESS in the Shopping Cart?
A: Unfortunately, the Shopping Cart does NOT currently support Foreign Addresses.  BUT, you may still send to a Foreign Address by CLICKING on the 'Pay Now' Button at the Lower Left Hand Corner of the Store Page and select the Media type you are ordering and the Price (Please be sure to enter the Show NAME and Date).  Your Order will then go directly to the PayPal 'Checkout' site where you may type in a FOREIGN SHIPPING ADDRESS and pay for your purchase using your credit card or PayPal account.

Q: How Do I PLACE AN ORDER on your website?
A: Look for the 'Store' link on the 'Home Page', then look for the school or company CATEGORY at the top of the 'Store Page'.  Scroll through the shows available for that category and click on the 'SHOW NAME' (if the price is obscured for any reason, CLICK on 'Details'.  If a school or company is not visible, then CLICK ON 'More' and a 'drop-down list' will open.   Call (914)522-5930 if you are still having difficulty.